The scariest Brexit possibility for BMW

(CNN Business)If everything goes according to plan, truck driver Gordon Terry needs 44 hours to haul a shipment of car parts from Turin, Italy to Jaguar Land Rover’s factory outside of Liverpool.

“By law, 10 hours is the most you can drive in one day,” Terry said as he pointed to the tachograph which records his time on the road. The driver for Alcaline International Haulage Company gets as far as he can — usually about 500 miles — before stopping for the night.
Terry has been driving the heavily trafficked route from Italy’s industrial heartland to auto factories in the north of England for 25 years. Many of the parts he carries are bolted onto vehicles within hours of their delivery in Britain, making him an essential part of the just-in-time manufacturing process used by companies like BMW (BMWYY), Airbus (EADSF), Nissan (NSANF), and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

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