US says Sudan new regime can exit terror list if progress made

DUBAI: The Yemeni army killed 70 Houthi militants, including senior officers, on Tuesday in Al-Dhale province south of Yemen, Saudi state agency SPA reported.

The clashes in the Hamak front, which also left 20 Houthis injured, broke out when the militia tried to block a main road in Al-Nadira district and a secondary road in Hamak, but Yemeni troops forced them to retract.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni parliament held talks in Seiyun to classify the Houthi militia as a terrorist group.

The new law would include individuals in any way affiliated to the Houthis or any of its auxiliary bodies, as well all its higher political bodies, field workers, and fighters.

Also, any Houthi finances would be held until a decision is made by the court.

The law would also state that all the Houthi violations committed against the state are considered terror attacks under the Yemeni constitution and should receive the highest forms of punishment.

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